To participate in the HNT Lottery you need to join our facebook group and answer all the questions before your submission can be approved. Please use the link/banner below, it will divert you to our group

Please read the rules very carefully before transfer any HNT tokens.

Option 1: transfer 1 token to the following address or use QR scan in the image below:


*Please be aware that there is a fee when sending HNT of about 0.07575758

Instruction of how to transfer HNT Tokens you can also find in the image below.

How much: 1 HNT

Note: The above HNT account is strictly for lottery purposes. No mining/hotspot will be associated with that account.

*Winning will be transferred to the winner/s account minus transer fee.

Every week there will be lottery from all of the people participated and 1 person (or 3 people) win the whole pot that has been accumulated during 1 week for Lottery Option.

  • Week starts at 00:01 Monday Greenwich Time and finish on Sunday 21:00 Greenwich time. Only HNT tokens submitted during that period will be taken into the draw consideration. The draw will take a place every Sunday at 22:00 Greenwich Time and results posted on Facebook Group and website.
  • Please make sure you are typing our HNT lottery address correctly otherwise it won’t be delivered and you might lose your tokens.
  • By taking participation in lottery, you agree to GDPR rules and you are giving permission for your HNT address to be displayed in the group to notify about winner.
  • Sending HNT tokens from the same account is allow.
  • Donation towards the draw is allow and more than welcome.
  • If the pot is bigger than 100 HNT tokens, the pot will be split into 3 winners as follow: 3rd place – 10% of the pot, 2nd place – 20% of the pot, 1st place – 70% of the pot.